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1. What’s service like?
Services last only about an hour and thirty minutes. You will enjoy video announcements, worship, time for ministry, the message, time for prayer, and the offering. Many times we have special speakers and live dramatic elements.

2. Is Kick-Back At The Hang-Out in a denomination?
Kick-Back At The Hang-Out is a nondenominational church. For accountability purposes, we have partnered with several ministries, pastors, youth pastors, and ministers. Our objective and passion are to reach people, touch lives, and make a difference in our neighborhoods, communities, nation, and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

3. Where can I find you?
We are located at 1700 WINDER HIGHWAY, SUITE 100, LAWRENCEVILLE/DACULA, GA 30019 678.965.5707. If you would like directions, click here.

4. When are services?
We have worship services Saturday evening at 6:00 p.m.

5. Can I wear jeans or shorts and a cap?
Absolutely! At our services, you will see people dressed in everything from shorts to their Sunday best. We want you to come as you are.

6. I’m new, will I feel uncomfortable?
We hope not! We have lots of visitors all the time and try to make everyone comfortable. Our Visitors Center, in fact, is just for you; receive a free gift for coming to service and can ask questions you may have about Kick-Back At The Hang-Out. It is open before and after service.

7. Where do I go when I arrive?
Our services are in the main sanctuary between both bowling areas at Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Center. If you have any questions, greeters in the parking lot, lobby, and entrance can show you where to go.

8. Am I pressured to give?
Absolutely not! We have an offering at service, but we believe that giving is something that you do because you want to, not because you are pressured. Visitors are encouraged to enjoy worship and check us out and should not feel they have to participate.

9. Do I have to join?
No, you are welcome to worship with us and volunteer your services at any time.

10. What about communion?
We share communion on a periodic basis and you are welcome to join us in this part of the service if you are a believer - confessed with your mouth that Jesus is your Lord and Saviour.

11. Are you a hand-raising bunch?
Yes, you do find that when we get excited about God here at Kick-Back At The Hang-Out, we raise our hands and you may even see if the party for Jesus.

12. Can I watch you online?
Yes, we air our services live online and also maintain an archive of services for you to enjoy at any time.

13. Who is Jeffery D. Henderson?
Jeffery is our Founder and CSO of Kick-Back At The Hang-Out in Lawrenceville/Dacula, GA. He founded the church in 2015 after being a Teacher/Youth Leader of the Nation of Jesus Christ at various Christian churches and having a business career in Minnesota, Arizona, and Georgia for over 30 plus years. To read more, click here.

14. What do you believe about healing?
We believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross so we could be saved and experience the promises of God right here on earth. God’s promises include healing for us today. According to the Word, we access healing through faith in the finished work of Christ.

15. Does Kick-Back At The Hang-Out support a political candidate or party?
No, we do not. We talk from the podium about values that guide our lives and provide Bible-based teaching on these issues, which sometimes are a focus in elections. We will not, and do not, support one party or candidate over another.

Our church has a place for everyone from 0 to over 100 years old.
Please come and visit us to experience God's love and His words from the bible.

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