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"Man On The Streets"

Today's News That Reflects God's Good News

"Man On The Streets" refers to a random, unscientific sampling of opinions, gathered by stopping people in a public place and asking them for an opinion or comment on something while being videotaped.  

"God's News" will encompass the "Man On The Streets" news approach and will report on the latest development and stories that are taking place in the community as it relates to "Good's News".  We plan to provide solid reporting which has vivid illustrations of how the public is viscerally reacting to a hot button and issue of the current moment.   

Therefore, "God's News" is designed for our founder Jeffery D. Henderson to be a street reporter by going out into the streets to interview individuals who can relate to "God's Good News" dealing with current events and impressing it while being videotaped.  

The videotaping of these individuals will then be shown during various scheduled Saturday Night Live Services. 

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