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For the Praise of His Glory
Having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, in order that we, who were the first to put our hope in Christ, might be for the praise of his glory. Ephesians 1:11,12
We were created as people with a purpose, and that purpose is exemplified in the gospel. The gospel is the power of God. When it is declared compellingly from the Scriptures, amazing things happen. Lives are changed, hardened idolatries flee the human heart, families are restored, neighborhoods are renewed, and whole cities can be changed. So we will preach the gospel. We will counsel with the gospel. We will celebrate the gospel in song. We will remember the gospel with bread and cup. We will learn to live in light of the gospel in every sphere of life. From our personal lives to our homes, to our neighborhoods, to the vocations we take in the city.
Our NEWCOMERS THREE VISIT CHALLENGE:  If you are a first-time visit and visit us two more times within 3 months you will receive one free movie ticket to the movie theater from Kick-Back At The Hang-Out. Please visit our Visitors Information Booth to register and acquire more details about this challenge.
In 2016, we will be launching various Disciples Town Hall Meetings during our SNL services. These town hall meetings will consist of expert Christian Panelists who will be able to answer questions from the audience based on their biblical, historical and scholarly knowledge.
In 2017, we had planned for Craig L. Henderson to be our first guest person to be interviewed on "The Jesus Show" for the pre-launch of the Kick-Back At The Hang-Out which will take place during Christmas Month 2017, Sunday, December 10, 2017, but God transitioned Craig from Earth to Heaven on February 3, 2016.  Craig was the younger brother and only sibling of our founder. As a result, our founder will be interviewed in place of his brother and will share his brother's Christian Journey and Legacy to all attendees.  

Inasmuch, back in 1995. Craig left the church because he was disappointed that one of the churches in his community was not supportive of him and his brother when their father passed away of cancer which caused Craig to lose faith in the church, but not God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, Craig rejoined the church in 2014 and was a passionate, devoted, and faithful attendee of his new church called My Passion Church in Maple Grove, Minnesota.  

In 2015, Craig was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and diabetes by his doctors.  Due to his faith in God and the prayers of his family and friends, he had a remarkable testimony of how God healed his body and provided him with an abundant life.  Come hear Craigs's life story told by our founder and his brother as to how God allowed Craig to experience miracles in his life and be a Christian role model.
Staring 0n Sunday, December 17, 2017, the Kick-Back At The Hang-Out will continue to stay in a pre-launch mode to work out all of our operational and technical challenges of planting a church and will officially launch on Easter, Sunday, April 1, 2018.
The second guest interviewee in 2017 on "The Jesus Show" pertaining to Kick-Back At The Hang-Out will be Rufus Morris, Jr.  Rufus actually will be on "The  Jesus Show" for four weeks talking about his upcoming Film /TV Series, Video Game, and Christian Biblical Instructions Curriculum called "Nineveh and The
Warlock's Brew Fantasy".  
Rufus is a native of Syracuse, New York, and former celebrity producer of rap records under the name "Skratch." He soon blossomed into a neighborhood celebrity, multi-business owner, and popular DJ / Radio personality on Power 102.1FM, a radio station Morris co-owned and operated.

Rufus is now a born-again Christian filmmaker, producer educator, and motivational speaker along with being the owner of Kingdom Entertainment Studios, GODCORE Digital Music Channel, and Morris Code Beauty Company, Inc.  To learn more about Rufus and his companies, please visit  and  To hear Rufus' talk about his conversion from the hip-hop industry to focusing on being a Kingdom Builder for Christ, please click on the following link: Rufus Morris, Jr.'s personal testimony on YouTube.
The third interviewee in 2016 on "The Jesus Show" regarding Kick-Back At The Hang-Out will be Abraham Xiong.  As a refugee from Laos, Abraham is honored to live the American dream and be a born-again Christian.
He is a social entrepreneur, business coach and community leader with a staunch passion to advocate for small and disadvantaged businesses. He serves as the President of the Government Contractors Association, a professional trade association supporting businesses in the government industry. He is also the founder of a technology company called which is a matchmaking platform, similar to eHarmony, but only for government contractors.
Abraham has started more than seventeen companies and enjoys using his experience to mentor new entrepreneurs. He is the author of 12 Steps to Winning Government Contracts and has developed a software called as a training tool to guide business owners step-by-step through the government contracting maze. Mr. Xiong holds a B.S. in Business Management and a Minor in Leadership from Shorter University. He is married to a wonderfully supportive wife who is the mother of his two amazing kids.
Roxanne M. Armes is the Regional Director of Sales at Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Centers.  She is a strong believer in God and has played a significant role in ministry as to serving others.
She will be the fourth person that will be interviewed on "The Jesus Show". Roxanne has been a huge supporter of Kick-Back At The Hang-Out as to launching this unique ministry in the Gwinnett and Greater Atlanta Area.
Jered Stills will be our fifth interviewee on "The Jesus Show" as it pertains to Kick-Back At The Hang-Out.  Jered is a Church Planting Specialist at Jered specializes in Business Development, Expansion, Marketing and Advertising, His key consulting skills include Account Management, Strategic Alliance Formation, Employee Coaching and Empowerment, Presentations, Negotiations, New Market Identification, Capture, Office Management and Development, Sales/Territory Management, Market Strategy Creation, Relationship Building and Retention, Team-Building andTraining, Direct and B2B Sales, Client Prospecting, Cultivation and Closing, Networking, New Product Launches, and Prospecting / Networking.
Lisa Peterka is a Sales Manager at Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Centers.She is a strong believer in God and has played a significant role in ministry as to serving others. She will be the sixth individual that will be interviewed on "The Jesus Show. Lisa has been a huge supporter of Kick-Back At The Hang-Out as to launching this unique ministry in the Gwinnett and Greater Atlanta Area.
Our first guest minister and speaker, when we launch the Kick-Back At The Hang-Out, will be Anthony Adams, Youth Pastor, Youth Experience Ministries, World Changers Church International.
Anthony has a passion for individuals under his leadership as it relates to the Youth Experience Ministries at World Changers Church International as he uses the Word of God, comedy, and his awesome testimony,  Anthony is also a man who has impacted the lives of thousands of individuals every year.
Our second guest minister, when we launch the Kick-Back At The Hang-Out, will be  Elijah Tindall,  Former Youth Pastor And Now Christian Comedian, Elijah is an award-winning comic who specializes in bringing high energy laughs to faces of all ages.  He has earned the 1st place as Oklahoma's top comic, multiple media and television appearances including, ABC Family, TLC, LA INK, 700 Club, TBN, the cover story of Edmond Outlook. He has traveled internationally and has a following of thousands. 
After months of dreaming and believing, VISIBLE Church (VC) has grown under the leadership of eDDie Velez, Lead Pastor from a mere whisper. This is a church that is on a spiritual journey of faith, life, and community change.  eDDie will be our third guest minister to speak when we launch Kick-Back At The Hang-Out.
eDDie is the former Senior Director of Latino Services and Youth Development at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.  He was responsible for the implementation and direction of bilingual services to the Latino community.  He was also responsible for the overall management of youth development services, including supervising four staff employees and over 200 volunteers involved in the development and delivery of spiritually based programs for elementary, middle school, high school, and college students.
The speaker for our fourth week Kick-Back At The Hang-Out service is Pastor David Balzer of Grace Presbyterian Church Of All Nations. David was ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America in 2003 to serve as the campus minister for Reformed University Fellowship at East Tennessee State University (2003–2011) and at King College (2003-2006). He then served a church plant in Springville, AL through Community Church PCA in Moody, AL. From 2012 to 2013 he served as interim pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church in Chelsea, AL. From 2013-2014 David served as pastor of outreach for Community Church and taught Bible at Westminster School at Oak Mountain PCA in Birmingham. 
Sabrina McKenzie is  21st Century Pastor, Theologian, and Prolific Communicator of the gospel, that shares prophetic and relevant messages of hope, healing, and deliverance while bridging the gap between Business, Education, Government, Entertainment, and the Church.  She has dedicated her life as an advocate where she speaks on behalf of women’s issues. Whether she is a speaker at the Georgia House of Representatives, hosting an executive forum, or appearing on national news you can always expect her to ‘keep it real’. While lending her voice to those that have been disenfranchised, hopeless, or voiceless, she also works diligently and champions issues against Domestic Violence.
She is the best seller author of DANCE WITH A PURPOSE (a practical guide to help dance ministries), and her latest release, “From Bankhead to Buckhead” (helping women to turn their lives around in one year).  She will be our fifth guest minister.
The sixth speaker that will be delivering the message at Kick-Back At The Hang-Out will be Jay McSwain who is the Chaplin for the Atlanta Braves and the founder and CEO of Place Ministries.  Jay has the passion for the local church and ministers and their families that faithfully serve in their perspective communities. Whether traveling
or at home in his Atlanta office, Jay is in continuous contact with them helping and encouraging them both personally and professionally. You can find Jay facilitating his workshop training, consulting with pastors and churches, at conferences and conventions, or at a local bookstore taking in the latest on leadership, management,
or politics. It's also his favorite environment to work on his laptop developing new and innovative resources for the ministry. Jay is committed to his local church as both a PLACE facilitator and PLACE Connection Coach, and as a friend to the ministers and the staff.  
Our seventh guest speaker is Minister Jared Sawyer, Jr who is a member of Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church is also an accomplished author (.  Minister, singer, and accomplished author, Jared Sawyer Jr., 17, is a young man of vision, ambition, and spirituality. A classic example of the anointing operating in Sawyer’s life is when he was just 5, he was called by God in a dream into the gospel ministry; now having have preached for more than half of his life – 12 years.  Jared was featured in a documentary, The Child Preacher (2008), produced by The British Broadcasting Company, Radio, where his life was shadowed to analyze his interaction with youth at school, ministry aspirations and description of his efforts in spirituality, which was nominated for an award in Manchester, England. He was also featured in a second documentary entitled “Around the World in 80 Faiths”, a British television series originally aired by the BBC in 2009, where he represented the Baptist denomination of the religion of Christianity. He is the 2013 recipient of the Trailblazer Leadership Award from Beulah Heights University.
By the age of 8, he had already performed on various platforms, been featured in media, and at conferences/or events with Donald Lawrence, Shirley Caesar, Luther Barnes, Donnie McClurkin, Fred Hammond, Mary Mary, and other gospel artists.  He has appeared on WATC-57, the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN), Fox, ABC, and other Online, Television, and Radio conduits, sending a message to the world that “age is nothing but a number.” Jared is the founder of the National Youth Empowerment Initiative (NYEI), a nonprofit organization devoted to academic achievement, moral development and societal connection for youth and young adults.  
The speaker for our eight-week Kick-Back At The Hang-Out service is Kevin Paul Scott.  Kevin has traveled to six continents and spoken to leaders from more than 100 countries. He is also the co-founder of both ADDO Worldwide and the ADDO Institute. 
Kevin was named one of the “Power 30 Under 30″ for his work in expanding the marketing efforts nationwide as the Communicator in Chief for a global company. In consecutive years, Kevin was named to the “40 under 40” lists for Georgia Trend and then the Atlanta Business Chronicle.  
For fun, Kevin has been cage diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa, trekked Mountain Gorillas in Uganda, and ridden a llama in Colombia.   besides serving at his church, he has written two books: THE LEPERS' LESSONS - Five Questions, Two Perspectives, and the Pursuit of Purpose and 8 ESSENTIAL EXCHANGES - What You Have to Give Up to Go Up.
SharRon Jamison holds a BA from Hampton University and an MBA from Nova Southeastern University; and is currently pursuing her Masters of Divinity degree at the Interdenominational Center.   She understands the challenge of dealing with life’s trials and tribulations because she lived through many of them.  Her story is not about getting knocked down; it is a story about getting up again…  As a child, she was bullied not only by other students but by teachers as well.  She also UNDERSTANDS what it feels like to be lonely, isolated and mistreated.  She has lived on her own since she was a teenager.  She worked various fast food jobs to support herself and to finance her education. She UNDERSTANDS what it is meant to sacrifice, struggle and persevere to accomplish goals and realize dreams.  

She helped raise step kids, foster kids and she raised her son while climbing the corporate ladder.   She UNDERSTANDS how hard it can be to balance work, family, and personal ambition.  She struggled for years with an eating disorder. She UNDERSTANDS what it is like to try to fill emptiness and pain with “stuff”.  SharRon will our ninth week speaker at Kick-Back At The Hang-Out.
Our tenth-week speaker at Kick-Back At The Hang-Out is John Hightower who is described as a Pioneer, Trailblazer, and “Player/Coach”. He is considered to be an accomplished 10 year consulting veteran with an entrepreneurial spirit and a tenacious approach and “roll-up-the-sleeves” mentality. He thrives in fast-paced, inter-departmental projects, bring “Order to Chaos” and create, systemize and scale innovative solutions.

Besides having a passion to serve at his church and work with youth, John's areas of Expertise is Consultative Sales  Leadership, Sales and Marketing Technologies, Leadership Content /Frameworks, New Product Development, Business Process Improvement, Agile and Waterfall Software Development, and Inter-Departmental Communication Initiatives.
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What We Believe - Luke 2:52
Our youth, young adult, and adult culture is based on Luke 2:52: "Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men". So we figure, if that's how Jesus grew in his years, that's how WE want to grow!

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Our Ministry Culture is a cool place where all people can encounter God in a fresh and relevant way! If you're looking for a place to meet new friends, feel accepted and challenged to live to your fullest potential, then worship with us.

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Our Saturday Night Live (SNL) 90 minutes service is each Saturday from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. We invite you to come as you are so that you feel comfortable and at home, You are also welcome to drink non-alcoholic beverages during service.

Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Center: 1700 Winder Hwy NE #100, Dacula/Lawrenceville, GA 30019
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